Okel Research Laboratories

Manufacturing and Supplying the Best Chemical Products

Okel Research Laboratories provides responsive, innovative and cost-effective products and technical consulting services to Malaysia's manufacturing and trading industry through its network of experts who are committed to operational excellence. Okel Research Laboratories is made up of two business units:

The Technical Consulting Divisionprovides consultation services which includes giving clients the most up-to-date and comprehensive technical information, product formulation / de-formulation, product testing, production analysis, cost control, material sourcing, machinery design, product write-up, product safety data and on-site problem solving.

The Product Trading and Services Divisionprovides customized products for general as well as special applications for both the consumer and industrial markets including agricultural products,household products, products for the oil and gas industry, water treatment plants, and supply of specialty chemicals.

Okel Research Laboratories is committed to operational excellence and emphasizes a high level of professionalism in all aspects of our business that allows us to provide significant value to our clients.



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