Shines and Protects Tyres

Ultrashine Liquid Emulsion Tyre Protectant is a new polymer coating that is applied to coat, protect and enhance the appearance of vehicle tyres, exterior plastic trim and vinyl. Ultrashine protects against ultraviolet light (sunlight), road salts and harmful ozone.

Ultrashine can produce a natural or a high gloss finish depending on the type of application; it is non-greasy and does not splatter onto the vehicle’s expensive paintwork and chrome. Repeated use of Ultrashine does not leave a greasy film or turn tyres brown.

Directions for Use

Spray Ultrashine Liquid Emulsion Tyre Protectant lightly onto a small soft towel or soft sponge. Wipe evenly onto surface and leave to dry for a few minutes. Buff surface lightly with another clean, soft towel.

For a gloss mirror effect, spray 1 to 2 light mist applications directly onto the tyre after the tyre has been treated with Ultrashine and buffed dry. Leave to dry for a few minutes and buff after each application. Wipe off any excess spray while it is still wet.

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