Cleans hard-to-remove grease and dirt

MASTERFOAM ALKALINE EXTRA STRENGTH CONDENSER COIL CLEANER is a high foaming, non-acid coil cleaner. Its special extra strength foaming action cleans away hard-to-remove cooking grease and other dirty build-up to the outside of coils where they can be rinsed away easily.


• Super foaming action carries stubborn grease and dirt out from between coil fins
• Leaves coil fins cleaner and brighter, returning them to maximum energy efficient use
• Will not harm aluminium or copper
• Manufactured to rigid specifications under both quality control and quality assurance programs
• Concentrated – dilute with water for economical use


MASTERFOAM ALKALINE EXTRA STRENGTH CONDENSER COIL CLEANER can be used on aluminium, copper and stainless steel, and will not cause damage if used as directed.

Directions for Use

1. Use only when the system has been turned off.
2. Dilute 1 part MASTERFOAM ALKALINE EXTRA STRENGTH CONDENSER COIL CLEANER to 4 parts water. Always add water first     and coil cleaner last.
3. Spray diluted solution directly on coils using low pressure sprayer.
4. Repeat spraying for multi-bank coils if necessary.
5. Leave for 8 to 10 minutes and rinse coils and surrounding area thoroughly with water. DO NOT allow product
    to stay on coils longer than 10 minutes without rinsing.

CAUTION : This product may cause severe burns to eyes, skin, and mucous membranes. Wear protective eye wear and rubber gloves. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


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