Easy-To-Use Remover for Tar, Bitumen, Resins and Heavy Oils

Fast acting BITUMEN X rapidly penetrates, thins and disperses residues into a stable, emulsifiable form which can be flushed away with water easily. High flash BITUMEN X is much safer for use than other products, having a significantly reduced risk of fire and vapour inhalation risk.

BITUMEN X is convenient and safe to use on many porous and non-porous surfaces including many types of paintwork. It is ideal for use on metals, brick, concrete, vehicles, windows, pipes and machinery. Its high-flash formula also allows safer use on tarmac-laying machinery, even while the equipment is still warm.

Safe to use High flash formula virtually eliminates fire risk and vapour inhalation problems which are common with other products
Ready-to-use No messy and time-consuming thinning or dilution required
Fast-acting Rapidly penetrates heavy deposits with minimum work, saving time, effort and money
Emulsifiable Easy final rinsing with water, leaving surfaces clean and presentable
Versatile Suitable for removing many types of resins, glue and oil, hence reduces cleaning product inventory

1. Spray, brush or swab onto the surface to be cleaned.
2. Give very heavy deposits a rub or brush to assist penetration.
3. Spray with water using pressure jet or brush and rinse away with water from a hose.

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