Enhances effectiveness of insecticides against house flies

DEFIANT is a proprietary formulation specifically designed to control pesky house flies at poultry farms. House flies have always been a major nuisance and threat, spreading many major diseases to humans and animals. With the widespread use of insecticides, many insects have developed strong resistance, rendering many insecticides ineffective. DEFIANT is a unique organic compound that has been designed to improve the efficacy of all insecticides.

DEFIANT is a third generation formulation, employing a state-of-the-art scientific know-how to greatly enhance the potency of most insecticides in order to control house flies. When DEFIANT is mixed with insecticides, the molecules of DEFIANT magnify the potency and accelerate the reaction of the insecticides against house flies. The result is instantaneous knock-down and subsequent killing of house flies. By using DEFIANT with most insecticides, house flies cannot fully develop resistance to the insecticides.

Directions for Use

Next, add in 1% of DEFIANT based on the volume of the mixture. Shake mixture well before proceeding to spray.

To use with water, add in 1% of DEFIANT based on the volume of the water in the spray tank. Shake mixture well before proceeding to spray.

  • Cost effective performance
  • Non-toxic organic compound, by itself, can be used to kill house flies
  • Fully soluble in water, leaving no residues to clog spray nozzle
  • Fully compatible with all insecticides
  • House flies cannot develop resistance to DEFIANT
  • Very effective for improving the performance of insecticides
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