GERMSFREE Hand Sanitizer Gel

GERMSFREE Hand Sanitizer Gel is an alcohol based sanitizer for rapid germ killing activity when hand washing facilities are not readily available. It demonstrates a greater than 99.99% kill in 15 seconds or less against antibiotic resistant bacteria including MRSA and VRE. GERMSFREE contains a conditioner which leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth after the product dries, and does not leave a tacky after-feel like emollient-containing formulations often do. This product is mild to the skin and shows no sign of skin sensitization. It is also biobased in accordance with the USDA’s BioPreferredSM program.

Each refill features the Hygeni system which ensures a safe, clean and hygienic product, free from germs and bacteria. The bottle and pump are completely replaced with every change-out, providing a fresh new system. The high performance patented gel pump provides ample amount of product for thorough sanitizing.

Features Benefits
Etahnol-based gel that sanitizes hands without water Ideal for killing germs when water is not available.
Kills 99.9% of common germs that can cause disease Proper sanitizing can help prevent fluand colds as well as the spread of germs to others. 
Contains a conditioner Alcohol can be drying to the skin; conditioner helps to keep skin from drying.
Directions for use:

  • Apply GERMSFREE Hand Sanitizer Gel to hands and rub thoroughly, making sure to get between fingers and under fingernails, until hands are dry.
  • Do not rinse or wipe off gel.


Active Ingredient: Ethanol (62%)

Skin Compatibility Tests:

All ingredients of GERMSFREE Hand Sanitizer Gel are tested to assure user comfort and effective skin protection. The product demonstrated good skin compatibility in thorough clinical testing.

Storage Information:

GERMSFREE Hand Sanitizer Gel can be stored in a closed container for at least 24 months at room temperature. This product is tested for stability at temperatures between 23oF and 104oF. When tested at temperatures between 41oF and 86oF, the product begins to fluctuate in viscosity. For optimum dispensing performance, room temperature is recommended. For storage and use, keep from freezing temperatures.


Keep away from fire and flame. For external use only.

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