Effective against oil, grease and grime
Removes scale deposits effectively

HIGH POWER DEGREASER is an effective heavy duty degreaser and all purpose cleaner in one. It breaks down the molecular structure of any oil, grease or fat, destroying the binding agents that are at the heart of most stubborn cleaning problems.

HIGH POWER DEGREASER is non-ionic based, meaning its hydration in water is through hydrogen bonding and hence not affected by hard water. Being oleophilic (fat-loving), it removes grease and fatty soils easily. It also increases cleaning efficiency with its low cloud point, where its surfactants are active at room temperature.

HIGH POWER DEGREASER combines high alkalinity and unique surfactants to neutralize bonding and attraction forces of covalent and Vander Waal. It is intended for large scale, heavy duty cleaning and is a versatile product that has many potential applications.


  • Removes grease, grime and dirt from hard surfaces
  • Odourless, water-soluble formula
  • For use on all water-safe hard surfaces

Effective Against
• Oil and grease (hydrocarbons)
• Dirt and grime
• Soot and smoke
Appearance Red transparent liquid
Odour Odourless
Concentrate Yes
Specific gravity 1.02
Solubility Soluble in water
pH 13.75 – 14.0
Chlorinated solvents None
Foaming Medium foaming

For general cleaning, dilute 1 to 20 with water. Spray, brush or mop onto surface and rinse with clean water.

For more powerful cleaning, dilute 1 to 10 with water. Spray, brush or mop onto surface and rinse with water.

For difficult stains, dilute 1 to 5 with warm water. Wait a few minutes to allow cleaning solution to penetrate stains. Rinse with fresh water.

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