Rig Wash

RIG WASH is an extremely effective, heavy duty degreaser and cleaning agent that is fully biodegradable and works well on mineral oils, sooty deposits, grease and carbon deposits. It breaks down the molecular structure of any oil and grease, destroying the binds that form the heart of most stubborn clean-up problems. It also emulsifies carbon black and soot.

RIG WASH is water-soluble, so it is easy to clean. In breaking down the molecular structure of grease and oil, it produces a dilute, non-toxic and readily biodegradable solution that can be rinsed away with plain water, leaving no residue.

RIG WASH has no volatile vapour and virtually no odour. Since it has no flash point and is non-combustible, it is perfect for enclosed area applications and can be stored safely. RIG WASH does not contain chlorinated solvent, butyl and halogen.


  • Fully biodegradable
  • Water-based
  • Non-toxic
  • Leaves no residue
  • No halogenated solvents
  • No noxious odour
  • No volatile vapour
  • Non-flammable


RIG WASH is intended for large-scale, heavy-duty clean-ups for the following applications:

Industry Application
Chemical Industry Removal of carbon black, soot, oil and grease
Petroleum Industry Pumping and processing equipment, paraffin removal, injection well treatment, engine rooms and oil-saturated concrete
Automotive and Metal Industry Pre-paint preparations which leave odour
Marine Industry Bilges and fiberglass hulls
Exhaust Stacks Removal of coal dust and greasy soot

RIG WASH is effective on almost any material including stone and masonry, metal, plastics and textiles.


  • For extreme duty application, use neat.
  • For heavy duty application, dilute 1 part RIG WASH to 5 parts water.
  • For normal duty application, dilute 1 part RIG WASH to 10 parts water.

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