Under the Technical Consulting Division, Okel Research Laboratories provides consultation services which includes giving clients the most up-to-date and comprehensive technical information, product formulation / de-formulation, product testing, production analysis, cost control, material sourcing, machinery design, product write-up, product safety data and on-site problem solving for the following fields:

  • Chemical and process - disinfecting, deodourizing, preserving or sterilizing
  • Coatings and adhesives – concrete sealers, rust removers, anti-rust coating, protective coating, corrosion
  • inhibitors, resin adhesives, sealants and gasket markers
  • Combustion additives (fuel)
  • Drain and grease trap maintenance
  • HVAC maintenance – coil cleaners, non-acid aluminium cleaners and brighteners
  • Industrial cleaners and degreasers – water based and solvent based
  • Lubricant and lubrication additives
  • Parts washing
  • Paints – paint strippers, enamel paints, epoxy paints and zone marking paints
  • Plant husbandry
  • Plant protecting and regulating compositions
  • Planting
  • Water treatment
  • Consumer products (commercial cleaning)

Representatives from Okel Research Laboratories provide solutions to application and maintenance problems based on the client’s specific business and operational needs. Okel Research Laboratories also provides seminars to educate clients on building and equipment maintenance, as well as ways to lower operational costs using specialty chemicals.

For more information about our services and consultation fees, please contact us for a quotation.


在技术咨询部门, Okel Research Laboratories 所提供的咨询服务包括,给予客户最新和最完整的技术资讯、产品配方/解制配方、 产品测试、生产分析、
成本控制、原料采购、 机械设计、产品文字说明、产品安全数据,以及现场为以下领域解决问题:

  • 化学与程序 – 杀菌、除臭、保存或消毒
  • 涂料和胶黏剂 – 混凝土密封剂、除锈剂、防锈涂料、保护涂层、防蚀剂、树脂粘合剂密封剂和衬垫标志物
  • 燃烧添加剂(燃油)
  • 排水与隔油池维修
  • HVAC 维修 - 线圈清洁剂、非酸性铝清洁剂和增白剂
  • 工业清洁剂和除油剂 – 水性和溶剂型
  • 润滑剂和润滑添加剂
  • 零件清洗
  • 漆 – 脱漆剂、搪瓷漆、环氧漆和区标线涂料
  • 农业耕种
  • 农作物保护
  • 水质处理
  • 消费者用品

来自Okel Research Laboratories 的代表会根据客户具体的业务和营运需求,为应用程序与维修问题提供解决方案。 Okel Research Laboratories 也会举办研讨会来教育客户有关建设和器材的维护,以及教导如何使用特种化学品来降低营运成本的方式。

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